Napkin Advertising

Napkin Advertising

Find Our Why Our Napkin Ads Are Used In Over 400 Food Outlets All Over MelbourneNapkin Advertising

Promotional napkins are a great way to promote your brand or advertising message to a large, relevant audience by engaging them at one of the few times of day that they have a moment to relax, take notice, and absorb your advertising message.

Most people are busy, but when shoppers or time-poor office workers sit down to eat a meal you have a captive audience for fifteen minutes or so – which is plenty of time for an eye-catching promotional napkin to capture their attention!

Find Out More About Our Napkin Advertising

Here’s some specifications for our napkin advertising services that may interest you:

Size:                      155mm (L) x 210mm (H) 2 ply luncheon sized napkins.

Manufacturing:    100% Australian made materials and manufactured in-house.

Display:                 Up to 4 color printing.

Delivery:                We work on a signed schedule so you always have stock of your promotional napkins when you need it.