Getting started

If I Told You That You Could Get Up And Running In Your Own Business Quickly And Easily With Hardly Any Cash Of Your Own, Would You Be Interested?

Want to get started in your own business but not sure where to start or what’s next?

Need to escape where you are at and you’re not sure how but you think a food trailer good idea?

Got a heap of experience in the industry and want to get out on your own?

It’s super easy to get started, all you have to do is follow the steps below and before you know it you will be hearing the Ching of the cash coming in.


The process to either paying or getting finance and getting up and running in your new business:

〉  Contact our sales team via the contact us page or telephone

〉  Within 24 – 48 hours of filling in your form, or contacting our sales team we will give you a call to cover off on any questions you have and also make sure we have a trailer to suit your needs.

〉  Once we have worked everything out and you are happy, we take a $250 refundable deposit to put you in the system and reserve production spot for you. Nothing is produced yet, it’s just reserved.

〉  Next we raise an invoice with all specs of your chosen business and give you the finance details, – also you need to review the invoice and make sure you are clear on everything. If you not, just ring and ask.

〉  Once your finance is approved, some papers will need to be signed and sent back to the our in house finance company. This is just normal run-of-the-mill stuff. The finance broker will be talking with you through this process, or pay upfront for your business and receive a huge discount and skip straight to step 

〉  Once all paperwork is back, the finance company will release funds.

〉  We produce business and add any equipment we discussed.

〉  Your new business is ready, so you can start to profit from the very first day.

〉  The end result – you will have your very own, brand new, highly-profitable business. All you need to do is collect the cash, it really is that easy, but only if you take action. Start by filling in the form above or contact us today.

Picture this, in just a few short weeks instead of living life week to week you could own your very own cash machine, go out and do one or two days’ work, make twice your week’s wage. This is a dream many are living and so can you!

To find out more about our easy finance please register above or below, or contact our sales team.

Please include any comments about what you are looking for. You will see just how quick and easy they are to set up and how with minimum deposit you can have yourself and your new business out making cash in no time (please enquire early to avoid disappointment as we have a limited capacity and production can booked out in advance).