Food trailer

This mid-sized Startle trailer is perfect for anyone wanting to escape where they are and take the path to a better lifestyle, or for seasoned
operators looking for a cost-effective trailer.

Get started today with minimum deposit and from $99 per week.

  1. Buy outright for only $6,990
  2. Rent to own
  3. Financed at $99 per week with varying deposit and terms.

Entry -Size food trailer package inclusions :

Have you wanted a light-weight food trailer to tow to events to make extra cash on weekends?

Would you like to get started in your own food trailer business with no money down?

Do you want the peace of mind of a 12-month warranty and the fact that you have a cash-producing asset?

Are you new to the food trailer business and just want to get started safely with minimum risk?

screen-shot-2016-09-12-at-5-09-31-amIf you answered yes to any of the above questions, then you are in the right place.

Let me ask you one more question…

Does making $500 to $1,000 a day or more sound good to you?

It’s totally realistic with your own food trailer. Now you can replace your full time income quickly and easily in just a few days per week.

Our mid-sized trailer is perfect for new or seasoned operators.

Here are just some of the features and benefits of our mid-sized Food Trailer King food trailers:

    • Easy to apply, min. deposit and finance available – Mid-size Food  trailer from just $99 per week all done via experienced finance teams that search for the best deal for you.
    • Light weight – Easy to tow, park and maneuver, easily operated by one person, yes even if you are 42 and only 45kg you can easily operate this food trailer on your own. It’s all carefully balanced to allow you to do this
    • 3 minute on site set up – Yes, you can park and set up within 3 minutes. No more lugging stuff around early in the morning, simply park and start to collect cash within 3 mins
    • Hospital-grade high quality – Stainless steel fittings and interiors make sure your trailer gives you many years of service and is super easy to clean
    • Disk brakes – We add these so you can tow with a super light car and also pascreen-shot-2016-09-12-at-5-09-31-amrk with peace of mind using the on board handbrake
    • Lockable and secure – No matter where you park you can be sure your trailer is safe and secure with multiple locks on the inside and outside, plus a high security deadlock on the entry door
    • 300 litre fridge – Sliding glass doors and shelves ready to fill full of highly profitable drinks, plus leave plenty of top room for your cooking ingredients as well
    • Super strong body – Made from galvanised steel and fibre glass

  • 3 sinks to comply with health rules in all states and all councils – Quickly and easily breeze though any permit applications with councils with 2 separate hot and cold water systems and 3 sinks, 2 for food prep and one for washing hands.
  • 15 amp 240 volt wiring and power outlets – ready to plug and play, signed off and certified by Australian standards
  • Internal lighting – if you are starting early or finishing late, our carefully selected internal lighting gives you all the light you need to insure production before the sun is up or when the sun has gone down
  • 12 month workmanship warranty – Your investment is safe and secure. If you have any dramas with workmanship on your trailer, let us know and we will sort it out as quickly as we can
  • 12 month replacement warranty of fridge and range hood – We choose high-quality appliances. In reality probably nothing will go wrong but just in case it does, we back you up in full with a full replacement warranty on these parts
  • Dedicated after sales help and support – direct line to our help staff. Got a question? We are happy to help
  • FREE delivery to all east coast metro areas – Small charge to other areas, we don’t add on delivery, rego or other costs. Our price is our price and the best part is you can in house finance if you want to
  • All in pricing – No add on. Listed prices include rego, delivery equipment, etc. – final price on your invoice is the final price. No hidden extras
  • Easy add-on equipment – select from our range. We will fit to your trailer for you or supply your own and you can fit it when your trailer arrives
  • You can view all the Food trailers online


The end result – the mid-sized Food trailer is truly ready to go, just add your equipment and start making cash.

Each one of our food trailers are available in either a Package A or Package B – a list of inclusions is below and also more details are explained once you register above below for video.

We can register in Victoria or if you are in Victoria we can deliver ready to register to you.


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