Food Trucks, Trailers & Carts

From woodfire pizza to smokin’ hot wings and gourmet sandwiches, the mobile food catering business in Australia has transformed. Around Australia, our expectations of mobile catering businesses have soared, as has our love of consistent high-quality coffees.
At Mobile Catering Vehicles we have a long history of creating customised, high-quality mobile food vehicles. From coffee vans to food vans and food trucks we offer superior internal fitouts and  the best equipment to bring you a complete business solution.

If you want to launch an independent mobile food business, Startle Industries can help you build your dream machine.

Whether you plan to serve gourmet sandwiches, cupcakes or crepes, our in-house design team will sit down and work with you to understand your goals and create a unique and engaging design. Most importantly our experience means you will receive a vehicle with an eye-catching, functional and reliable design, making it easier to run your business.

Eye-catching, functional and reliable catering vehicles

Whether designing a coffee van, food van, food truck, food trailer or coffee cart, we focus on delivering a vehicle to you that:

  • has a unique design that stands out from your competitors
  • has a functional layout making it easy for you to run your business
  • is of a high quality so that you can rely on its performance
  • complies with Australian food and health legal requirements.

Startle have proven performance in the design and manufacture of unique mobile food vehicles. We have produced a large range of vehicles from coffee vans, food trucks, trailers and coffee carts and we even have quality second hand vehicles.

To drive your business success we:

  • Offer business support to help you through the entire process from setting up your business, designing your vehicle to getting council regulations
  • Share our knowledge as a proven performer with 30 years of experience in manufacturing mobile food vehicles
  • Focus on delivering exceptional customer service and long-term business relationships
  • Offer you flexibility in the choice of equipment to suit your needs.
  • A Green Alternative! No noise – no exhaust. All mobile vehicles are now available powered with LPG Gas, battery power and solar or a combination of the above…as well as the traditional generator power.

As a leading specialist, Startle can drive your business success. Learn more now!

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